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In this week's edition of edition of AI News you'll be introduced the new Neuromorphic Research Community Loihi.


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Hi, I'm David Shaw. Welcome to this week's edition of AI news. Today we introduce the recently formed Neuromorphic Research Community, aiming to encourage experimentation with Loihi, a neuromorphic test chip. 

The Loihi test chip has been used to do small scale demonstrations, recognizing 3D objects from multiple viewing angles. The community is looking to work with collaborators in a variety of applications, including sensing, motor control, and information processing. The goal is to expand and run much larger scale applications in conjunction with research collaborators. 

Proposals are currently being accepted. If you have an idea that falls under one of these research paths, email the team at the address listed on screen. Qualified proposals will receive grants for their work, as well as access to a software development kit, and a Loihi test system. Read more at the links provided. Don't forget to like this video and subscribe. And I'll see you next week for more AI news.