AI News: November 2017

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In this episode you'll get an inside look at building a large-scale image-feature extraction framework with BigDL, You'll learn how to get you can get Free DevCloud access, and lastly you'll get an early look at CES 2018.

This is the 1 year anniversary of AI News, it's been fun, and we're looking forward to continuing to bringing you more episodes in the year to come!

Hi. I'm David Shaw. And welcome to the one-year anniversary of "AI News." In this episode, we take an inside look at building a large-scale image feature extraction framework with BigDL, show you how to get your hands on free cloud compute, and lastly, get an early look at CES 2018. Don't forget to check out the provided links to learn more. 

Intel and, a company focused on AI delivery systems via drones and autonomous vehicles, work together to see how BigDL can benefit their image feature extraction deep learning applications. These applications are widely used in image likeness searches as well as pictures deduplication. To learn how BigDL can help you in deep learning developments, read more about their journey. 

Free DevCloud access, powered by Intel Xeon scalable processors, launched in October exclusively for Intel Nervana Academy members. You can use DevCloud for your machine learning, deep learning training, and inference compute needs. 

Request four weeks of access to a remote cluster of Intel Xeon scalable processors and 200 gigabytes of file storage, all without making any financial investments via the provided link. CES is January 9 through the 12th in sunny Las Vegas. And Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will return to deliver a pre-show keynote address on January 8. His keynote will focus on data and how it is shaping innovation of the future. Make sure to register today. 

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