Audi Virtual Reality Experience at SIGGRAPH 2017

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Learn a little bit about the Audi VR Experience, where you can take a peek at various models of Audi's automobiles in detail while wearing an HMD!


Hi, my name is Magdalena Maczkowski. I work for the Audi Business Innovation. I'm the product owner for the virtual reality experience and the visualization engine. 

My name is Erich. I work for the Audi Business Innovation. And I work at the Center of Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies. 

So this week, we're showing the Audi Virtual Reality Experience, which is a 3D configurator, a virtual showroom where the dealer and his customer has the possibility to show every model with every available options. Our customers are the dealers and the people who want to buy Audis. 

So for the dealers, on one hand, the Audi Virtual Reality Experience is a great opportunity to show all models that are not available in the showroom. Space is limited. Costs are really high. So it's great to have all models at one space. 

So if you're interested in seeing our Virtual Reality Experience live, come and visit our Audi Cities. They are located in Munich, Berlin, London, Istanbul, and Paris. And in the future, of course, if you want to visualize your dream Audi, you will be able to use the Virtual Reality Experience in the dealerships.