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Cloud Gaming Comes of Age

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Artesyn* and Gamestream* scale out gaming-as-a-service with Intel® Core™ processors and Radeon* RX Vega M Graphics.

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Hello! My name is Xavier Cavin from [the] Gamestream company in France. I am here at SIGGRAPH on the Intel booth to demonstrate our cloud gaming solution running on the Intel® servers.

So we are showing a AAA video game stream from Intel [? community ?] servers here on the show floor. But, of course, it could be located in the cloud. We are using H264 video compression to stream the game in real time from the servers to the device where the player can play the games. And we have an ultra-low latency compression solution that allows the user to play the game as if it was directly connected on the server.

So what's exciting about this cloud gaming solution is that you can play any game on any device. You do not need to invest in very expensive PCs with expensive GPUs to play the game. Any device, like this Android* tablet, can do the job. And you can play directly from the comfort of your home without investing in expensive devices.

So for more information about our solution, you can visit our website at www.gamestream.biz.