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In the final episode of IoT Developer Show Season 2, learn about what's coming up in the next season and get a quick recap of the OpenVINO toolkit benefits we discussed earlier in the season.

OpenVINO™ Toolkit

IEI TANK* AIoT Developer Kit

UP Squared* AI Vision Development Kit

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Hello welcome to the IoT Developer Show. My name is Martin Kronberg. In this season of the show, we took a closer look at the OpenVINO toolkit. And in this final episode, I want to talk about what's coming up in the next season and recap some of the OpenVINO toolkit benefits that we discussed. 

The OpenVINO toolkit is a collection of tools curated and optimized by Intel to help you create AI-driven computer vision applications. The toolkit contains a custom inference engine, OpenCV, and a whole host of optimized libraries to run on Intel architecture. We showed a basic OpenVINO toolkit workflow, including using Intel System Studio 2018 to create a heterogeneous compute environment and V2 to analyze your code. These tools and methods enable you to create highly optimized AI computer vision applications. 

Next, we took a look at two new developer kits that have the OpenVINO toolkit pre-installed, The IEI Tank, AIOT developer kit, and the Up Squared AI Vision development kit. With these, you're able to develop and deploy your computer vision applications in an industrial environment. 

Finally, we showed some of the reference implementations and sample code that Intel engineered have created to help you get started creating your own AI Vision applications. If you missed any of the episodes, want to learn more about these topics, and see the OpenVINO toolkit in action, please follow links provided. In the next season, we begin our journey into all the reference implementations that Intel has created for developers in the industrial and retail space. They include flaw protection, store monitoring, and many others. 

In season three of the show, we're going to teach you how to speed up development time for your retail and industrial IoT applications by leveraging these implementations. Thank you so much for watching and remember you can download the OpenVINO toolkit free by following the links provided. See you next season.