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Learn how convolutional neural networks can increase the performance of useful identification abilities like age detection.

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Using AI to guess a person's age might sound a little far fetched, but there are many ways that this ability could be useful in your projects. I'm, David Shaw, and in this episode of AI News we discover ways that you can do this with Intel technologies. 

Age detection plays a key role in many fields like multimedia retrieval, and human machine interaction, and other identification abilities are one of the major components for developing personalized acoustic models for speech recognition. Despite the value of the use cases, performance is a bit lacking. Thankfully there are convolution neural networks, or CNNs, which can be used for better performance. 

In this article Intel greenbelt, Sriharsha G writes about their team's investigation into how CNNs perform on speech and facial recognition, utilizing web information. It provides a data set of images that were uploaded directly to an online platform. You can even download and use them in your own deep learning projects. It also shows you the technology stack you'll need to get started. So what sort of application could you make with this AI technology? Make sure to follow the links provided and I'll see you next week.