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Ian Bragg discusses the new VT title Evasion with Chris Ansell from Archiact! Evasion is an intense sci-fi shooter that will raise the bar for environmental destruction and explosive real-time FX in VR. Taking full advantage of the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, Evasion is poised to deliver stunning cinematic visuals and genre-defining gameplay.

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Hey, I'm Ian with Intel Software. I'm here at GDC 2018, where I had the chance talk to Chris from Archiact. He's going to talk about Evasion today because it is right here in the booth. 

So Chris, tell me about Evasion. 

Yeah, we're having an awesome time demoing. We're showing off Evasion here for the first time at GDC, on the showfloor booth with Intel. They have been incredible partners. 

It's a sci-fi, multiplayer, bullet-hell game for one to multiple players. Your friends can join you online. And basically, we're really aiming to bring the VR shooter forward, have extremely powerful locomotion of free movements, and mix that with powerful classes. And so at GDC, we're revealing it two new classes to the mix. So we're thrilled with the reaction so far. 

That's great. How has the reaction been? I mean, this place has been full most of the entire time. 

Yeah, it's been nonstop, which is more than we could ever have hoped for. We get incredible positive feedback. Everyone seems to love the graphics, the visual appeal. We're really trying to push the Unreal engine extremely hard. They've been great partners for us as well, everyone at Unreal. 

We're showing on the Vive Pro. So just an Unreal game on the Vive Pro just looks spectacular. So we've been really, really happy with the feedback, just from the combination of those. So yeah, it's been a great show so far. 

That's cool. So you're at the Intel booth, so obviously you have some connection to Intel. Tell me how you guys are collaborating with them. 

Intel have been incredible. We've been so thankful to be partnering up with them. And they are really helping us bring the immersion of gameplay to life. 

We're really looking to maximize the Intel Core i7 processor. So if you have an i7, you're in for real treat. Obviously, things like environmental destruction, incredible particle effects, being able bring down giant rock canyons onto enemies. These are the things you want to bring to life, and Intel has been a great partner for us. 

Hey. Thanks Chris, for showing me Evasion here at the GDC booth. It looks like an amazing game. I can't wait to try it out. 

Thanks so much. 

And thanks so much for watching the video. Make sure keep updated on all things Intel at Intel Software YouTube.