Getting started with Yocto* ADT



BOB RAPHTONE A.'s picture

This video is very nice for beginers and it doent require someone to be perfect on c but an introduction to c will do you good its areally nice one

P W.'s picture

Very misleading on the content of the Galileo box. Need to make it clear that when you buy the Galileo from Amazon or other vendors, you only get the board and power supply and an assortment of power plug adapters. Not other goodies like WiFi adapter, serial cables etc..

Kai C.'s picture

This video is very helpful for beginner.But I would know whether the image used on the board contained the drivers like GPIO, SPI, WiFi, etc.

Andy K.'s picture


I just bought the Galileo. I only have the board and board supply. I need the WIFI and the serial cable to do an application. If possible, can Intel ship the rest of the components to me?


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