Highlights of Portland Virtual Reality Meetup October 23, 2017

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Brent Insko, Intel Lead Software Architect in Virtual Reality Center of Excellence, presented talk on OpenXR* and the future of AR/VR/MR gaming.

So we're at the Portland VR meetup to talk about VR and what's going on in the community. 

It's a great place to come out. Come out if you're curious about VR or virtual reality in any way. It's not really focused on any one subset, it kind of gives you a whole picture of what VR is like now and where it's going. 

Well there's lots of stuff going on in the community. Intel has lots stuff going on. In fact, we have a talk later this evening about some of the things that we're doing to drive VR forward and to kind of push the direction of interactivity and the ability to make people feel present inside of VR. 

You know, if you look at the requirements of PC VR, it requires very heavy CPU load to drive the frame rates required for really good experiences in VR. We're working with all the major players from Microsoft to Valve to Oculus to ensure the VR experience is great for everybody, and make sure that our platforms going forward are going to be able to handle where VR goes in the future. It's really cool talking to people, finding out what they're passionate about, what they're driving and finding out what the Portland VR community is interested in and doing.