HPC Applications Need High-Performance Analysis

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As the architecture spectrum expands and HPC systems become more complex, the issues facing HPC developers continue to grow. HPC performance characterization analysis—part of Intel® VTune™ Amplifier—is an entry point to assess the efficiency of your compute-intensive applications, uncover the issues that impact performance, and mine and interpret the data to gain real insights.

This webinar will explore this analysis, look at characterization metrics and performance indicators that are specifically designed for the HPC Segment, and include deep-dives into each of 3 aspects: FPU utilization, CPU utilization, and memory hierarchy bottlenecks.

Benchmark results were obtained prior to the implementation of recent software patches and firmware updates intended to address exploits referred to as "Spectre" and "Meltdown". Implementation of these updates may make these results inapplicable to your device or system.

Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel microprocessors. Performance tests, such as SYSmark and MobileMark, are measured using specific computer systems, components, software, operations and functions. Any change to any of those factors may cause the results to vary. You should consult other information and performance tests to assist you in fully evaluating your contemplated purchases, including the performance of that product when combined with other products. For more information, see Performance Benchmark Test Disclosure.