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Thanks for the video. I purchased Intel Galileo last year.  However I could not do many experiments. Now with XDK, CDK plugin for Eclipse, Arduino , Python there are many options. Whether Windriver licence is available for Old Galileo purchasers? I mean, when someone buys commerical development kit now, he gets 6 month licence for WIndriver IDP. Let us NOT penalize old supporters who purchased Galileo kit before.

Also, still the missing piece is display unit/touch unit. Yes, one can use Groove LCD. But built in display could have been better.

Thanks Again..

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Siva, thanks for the complements on the video.

I'm not sure why you think that people that purchased an Intel Galileo last year are being penalized.  Last year we released the Intel IoT Developer Kit which was aimed at Makers and professionals.  In the near future this year, we will be releasing the next step in the program the Intel Commercial IoT Developer kit which adds a commercial software and support to the Intel Galileo and Intel Edison products.

Intel has made a commitment to support these products for at least 5 years from the date of their release and to provide a clear upgrade path. So there's no need to worry about being left out as an early adopter.  You can safely build products and deploy Intel Galileo and Intel Edison in your home or business.  In fact, we hope you do :) 

All the software and documentation can be found at


I'm using intel galelio gen2 (iot kit) but it is not connecting through intel xdt. my sever is a proxy server so can you please fix it. It showing an error of [ERROR : FORWARDING PORT]. So please drop me mail on (
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Are you using the Yocto OS image from the link that I posted above, or are you using Wind River Linux?  

The Yocto OS image has a daemon installed, creatively called the appDaemon, which the Intel XDK connects to.  The Wind River Linux image doesn't have this daemon installed by default.

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