Lee Bamber on How to Become an Intel® Black Belt

Lee Bamber on How to Become an Intel® Black Belt

The Black Belt title is reserved to recognize and reward selected Intel® Developer Zone members who contribute their knowledge and experience to Intel’s developer communities. We recently sat down with Lee Bamber from the Game Creators to find out how he became an Intel® Black Belt and how he has benefited as an elite member of this program. Lee Bamber of The Game Creators is a man on a coding mission, as evidenced by his astonishing body of work: co-founder of The Game Creators (development and publishing of PC game creation software), participation in a number of challenges and contests, including not one but two Intel Ultimate Coder Challenges, and a number of other development projects including the App Game Kit (AGK), a game creation suite of tools that enables developers to create one game and port it to as many different platforms as possible.

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