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Overwatch* Challenge at GDC 2018

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Ian Bragg talks to Rachel Quirico (better known as @seltzerplease) about the Overwatch* Challenge hosted by Intel at GDC 2018. Attendees challenged top players for an opportunity to win prizes and bragging rights.

Hey, I'm Ian with Intel software. I'm here at the GDC 2018 Intel booth. I'm here with Rachel Seltzer. She has been hosting our Intel Overwatch* Challenge. Rachel, tell me, how your day's been?

Oh, my gosh. Well first of all, I'm so glad that Intel brought me out here, because I love Overwatch. I love the group of streamers they brought out here. And I really love letting the average gamer, the average person walk up and compete in an eSports moment, and play on stage in front of an audience with everybody cheering them on. So we're doing a really cool thing over here at the Intel booth.

That's great. So yeah, how is it?

It's awesome. So you can see behind us. We've got the stage with two sets of PCs. And on the one side, we have the streamers when they sit down and play. So we've got ammunition. We've got UE. We've got Harbleu. And we've [got] Stir. All of them have over 1,000 hours in this game. They're phenomenal at it. They've got tons of experience, right?

Then on the other side, we've been inviting GDC attendees up onto the stage. And they come up in groups of three. And we have tried everything. We have given them double health. We have given them faster cooldowns. I have held like Harbleu's hand in the air as they played. These walk-up attendees cannot defeat our streamers.

That is amazing. That is really true. I don't think I've seen a single game won today, right?

Yeah. We've had some round wins.

Some round wins, yeah.

And it happened in some very questionable ways. But yeah, our streamers are almost undefeated. That's so great. And actually, right now we're watching in the Overwatch league match. Everybody here at the booth is entirely full watching this.

Look at all the people in standing only to watch a competitive Overwatch match. It's taking place down in LA, but through teams that represent all different areas in the US. And they've been playing this game all day, so now they get to watch the pros play, all hang out together.

The real pros out there—

It's really cool.

—eSports is really taking off, right?

Yeah. I used to watch and participate with eSports when it was only online, or when it was in like a hotel ballroom, and 20 people were there.

The glory days, right?

Yeah, well, these are the glory days for sure because we now have a way to show the world. And the world appreciates the skill that they're showcasing. So it's a great time to be alive in an eSports [INAUDIBLE].

Great time to be alive. I love it. So what is your favorite part about being at the show here?

My favorite part is definitely meeting all the attendees, and watching them try on eSports, right? It's so special to me because eSports is a place where people who play video games, video games anyone can play, any age, any gender, a lot of physical abilities, you can still play video games. And when you play them to the top level, which anybody can with enough practice, anybody can be a pro-gamer celebrity. So we've opened up—

Even me?

Even you. I think you can. I'm going to need you to come on stage though and play against my streamers. That's the barrier of entry.

Lose first, and then get back into being better. Yeah, I like it. All right, Seltzer, thank you so much for keeping the energy high, and coming here, and hosting everything, and giving us a great rundown of what you're doing here.

Hey, thanks for having me. This has been an absolute blast. I love it.

So again, I'm Ian from Intel Software, the GDC 2018 booth. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure to keep your eyes on Intel® Software's YouTube* for everything Intel and eSports.