Perceptual Computing SDK Gesture Recognition Tutorial

Perceptual Computing SDK Gesture Recognition Tutorial

How to program for finger tracking and gesture recognition. Also how to handle gesture recognition events.

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Need gesture_render.cpp and gesture_render.h / Gesture Recognit.

GREAT VIDEO! I Have an issue regarding implementing the tutorial code (despite successful PerC SDK installation). I am a Perceptual Computing dissertation student for Intel UK and I require the files gesture_render.cpp and gesture_render.h that (as another Intel member suggested) have been taken out of recent updates of the Perc SDK. It is crucial that I have these classes (files) as I will not be able to implement any editable (in C++) gesture recognition module. Please pass these two files on to me if possible. I am working with Intel PTEG in Swindon on a PerC application and got advised to seek for help through this developer community. Many thanks!!! Arnold :) (REF:

Hi Arnold,

Hi Arnold, Please post this request on the Perceptual Computing SDK forum at Let me know if you don't get a quick response and I'll ping the dev team on it. -Jerry