Reaching Technology From Blogs 7

Reaching Technology From Blogs 7

Ylian has written a blog about Intel AMT Setup and Configuration using TLS-PSK and TLS-PKI.    Ylian stumbled across an interesting issue while updating the provisioning functionality of the OpenDTK tool.  What Ylian found was that for developers who are building their own Intel AMT Activation software, they will be required to use a non-standard TLS stack (the .NET TLS stack does not work.)  Watch RTFB 7 and learn more about what Intel AMT developers must know about writing software to enable Intel AMT systems with TLS.

TLS:  Transport Layer Security

PSK:  Pre-shared Key

DTK:  Manageability Developers Tool Kit


Ylian’s Blog:  OpenDTK - Intel AMT activation, what developers must know.

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