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Realizing Multi-Hit Ray Tracing in Embree and OSPRay

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Speaker: Christiaan Gribble, SURVICE Engineering We will discuss multi-hit ray traversal, a class of ray traversal algorithms that finds one or more, and possibly all, primitives intersected by a ray and ordered by point of intersection. After a brief review the multi-hit problem, we will discuss the implementation of high-performance multi-hit ray traversal in Embree (Intel's high-performance ray-tracing kernels) and in OSPRay (Intel's ray-based rendering engine for high fidelity visualization) using the Intel® SPMD Program Compiler. We then demonstrate our implementation with two key applications: (1) a fast and accurate rendering of transparent objects for high-fidelity visualization, and (2) a physics-based simulation in which the interesting phenomena are governed by equations similar to the Beer-Lambert Law.