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Hi Eric,

I go through this entire video. And I understand the setting up KVM on Linux.

My Problem is that my processor doesn't support hardware virtualisation, hence I couldn,t install kvm.

Is there any way I could run android emulator without installing kvm? Or is there any other hardware accelerator rather than KVM, I could use to boost emulator?

Desperately waiting for your answer.

Computor config: Intel x86 atom processor, codename Pineview, 1gb ram 32 bit Ubuntu OS.

Thank you.

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Hello there Lokesh.  You can run the Android emulator without KVM but it will run much slower.  Looking at your processor specs I see that virtualization is not a supported feature of that processor.  To really take advantage of hardware acceleration with KVM you must use an Intel(r) processor with virtualization support.  You can go to http://ark.intel.com/ to get details about any Intel processor to confirm if virtualization is a supported feature.

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