What can I do with Intel® Movidius™ NCS?

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The Movidius group at Intel supplies vision processing units, or discrete VPU chips to the world’s leading companies building various intelligent and autonomous devices such as drones, surveillance cameras, and virtual reality headsets. All of these devices require a mix of real-time image processing, machine vision, and artificial intelligence at a very low power envelop.

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Dear Intel Forum,

I have recently purchased the Movidius device, and I want to now realize the following usecase on this device. As per my initial study about the SHAPE processor and architecture, I am confused that if this device can support the following use case?

I have the TensorFlow model which classified the Time Series Signal. My time series signal is limited to 1-minute length and has 40 channels, the sampling frequency is 30ms for each channel.

I want to build this model and want to port my own classifier model on the Movidius chip, would you be guiding me, if this use-case can be supported over this device.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


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