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Developer Roundtable: What does HTML5′s future look like beyond the browser?

Added December 10, 2014, Length 5min

Developer Roundtable: What does HTML5′s future look like beyond the browser?

Using Intel® XDK to Build HTML5 Applications

Added October 20, 2014, Length 57min

Intel® XDK is a cross platform HTML5 tool that enables developers to design, build, debug, and deploy HTML5 applications on Android, iOS, and other platforms. Check out this webinar to take a guided tour through the different features supported by the tool for a fast-boot into HTML5 application development for Android.

Developer Roundtable: HTML5 Misconceptions

Added September 30, 2014, Length 11min

We have teamed up with some amazing developers to bring you their opinions on HTML5 and the future of the web. In our latest HTML5 Hub roundtable, we discuss common misconceptions about HTML5. Are you ready for a heated debate?

Dolby Audio API Integration with Intel® XDK

Added September 17, 2014, Length 2min

Dolby has worked to integrate their audio api into the Intel® XDK which gives developers a simple workflow to design, debug, build, and deploy their HTML5 applications across multiple platforms and form factors!

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What Will You Make? Trends from IDF14

Added September 16, 2014, Length 3min

IDF14 highlighted some amazing new trends in the tech world from the new Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot to the Android KitKat running on 64-bit, to the Internet of Things with Intel® Galileo and the now available Intel® Edison!

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Not Just Blowing Bubbles: The Intel® Connect Social Media Cart

Added September 16, 2014, Length 1min

The Intel® Connect Social Media Cart was rolling at IDF14! Marc shows off this Intel® Galileo powered cart that is connected to twitter and responds to #intelconnect with flashing lights and blowing bubbles! Come for the cart, stay for the bubbles!

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How To Update the Firmware on a 1st Generation Intel® Galileo Development Board

Added September 3, 2014, Length 2min

Updating the firmware on your first generation Intel® Galileo board is simple. Get started by downloading the Arduino IDE at Follow along with this video and others in our Intel® Galileo series to learn more about the Internet of Things!

Debugging an HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App—Could Anything Be Easier?

Added May 21, 2014, Length 58min

Presenter: Paul Fischer, Technical Consulting Engineer for Intel Corporation

Discover the easy and hard parts about debugging Cordova (PhoneGap) applications. Learn valuable debugging methods available for working with hybrid HTML5 mobile apps (aka Cordova/PhoneGap apps) on a variety of devices and operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

You will learn:
• Remote debugging with weinre over the network
• Remote USB debugging with Chrome Dev Tools
• Using Ripple emulator as a Cordova debug tool

HTML5 Hub Developer Roundtable: The Future of Cross-platform Game Development

Added May 2, 2014, Length 47min

What are the current trends in cross-platform development? How are platforms making it easier on developers to port code? What does the opportunity to be on multiple platforms mean to indie game developers? This panel looks at this and more!

Android on Intel Platforms by Gayathri Murali - Bay Area Android Fest

Added April 17, 2014, Length 26min

Android on Intel Platforms by Gayathri Murali - Bay Area Android Fest

Intro to HTML5

Added April 16, 2013, Length 3min

Learn about how building your app with HTML5 can help you develop interactive web pages and apps.