Joseph O. (Intel)Mon, November 7th 2016 - 12:14
Intel® Manageability Commander0
Intel® Manageability Commander is a lightweight software console to administer Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) PCs.  Users will be able to connect to activated Intel® AMT PCs to perform functions such as hardware inventory, remote power management, KVM remote control, wireless co...
Colleen C. (Intel)Fri, July 24th 2015 - 7:57
New Intel® AMT and HLAPI SDKs posted (v11)2
Intel® AMT SDK Intel® AMT HLAPI :
JediFongerTue, January 10th 2017 - 11:01
Intel AMT remote KVM not working Q170M-C (latest BIOS and AMT FW builds)5
ASUS Q170M-C running i5-6600k BIOS=3016 AMT info: MEBx Version FW Version LMS Version MEI Driver Version MEI DeviceID    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A13A&SUBSYS_86941043&REV_31\3&11583659&0&B0 SOL Driver Version    11....
Johnny N.Mon, January 9th 2017 - 22:37
MeshCommander - IIS - kvm wont connect2
i have setup a test box server 2012 r2 with IIS installed, then installled the meshcommander.msi with the IIS options. Im able to connect from a remote or local browser to the mesh commander website and then connect to a AMT provisioned machine to check status, event log etc. But when I choose Re...
Wilson S.Thu, January 5th 2017 - 15:55
Unable to connect to a vPro machine (error Unable to connect)3
Hey all, I have the Intel vPro Platform Solutions Manager installed and am trying to connect to a machine remotely. I am connecting over a wireless network and am able to ping the machine, but get the Unable to connect error when trying to connect to it initially. Which ports need to be opened in...
Roland W.Wed, January 4th 2017 - 0:56
Download ACUconfig source code / binaries for RHEL?2
I am searching for a download option for ACUconfig besides the outdated SLES version, but was not able to find anything else. Can anyone point me to where I can get the ACUconfig version - either as binaries for RHEL, or as source code to self compile?
Michael J.Wed, December 21st 2016 - 19:44
Intel Unite Hub software cannot run on this hardware configuration - ID666666 error code 1
HI, I have the computer need to run this software on my vPro platform. My system configuration: MB: Q170-P1/ CPU: I5-6600T/ OS:Windows 10 pro 64-bit / Intel Unite Hub version: All the devices can support vPRo, but when i tried to install this software, it would get the error message- In...
Rg V.Wed, December 14th 2016 - 16:24
Intel ME/AMT Default Password Change1
Hi! I am new to ME/AMT configuration, and I would like to ask if there is a way to remotely change the default password? The ME/AMT was not configured. What I would like to change is the default password because it is well known. We are not planning on supporting Me/AMT in our environment at any ...
John F.Wed, December 7th 2016 - 13:43
Intel Web UI login fails when password hasn't been changed.3
Hello, I work with a company that uses Intel AMT and recently I've run into a weird problem that is causing major issues for us. When we first setup a computer we provision the computer with a USB stick that was created using the manageability flash drive tool. It sets the MEBX password for the c...
Chris B.Sun, November 27th 2016 - 13:05
Intel AMT: Access iKVM with discrete GPU installed and onboard video enabled and connected3
Hi I've got a question regarding iKVM with a discrete GPU.  I've read the Intel Top 10 Questions for AMT/vPro that indicate that iKVM will not work when a discrete GPU is installed in the machine.  I want to take this further and ask for clarity on this point. I'm needing remote access via iKVM t...
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