Joseph O. (Intel)Mon, November 7th 2016 - 12:14
Intel® Manageability Commander0
Intel® Manageability Commander is a lightweight software console to administer Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) PCs.  Users will be able to connect to activated Intel® AMT PCs to perform functions such as hardware inventory, remote power management, KVM remote control, wireless co...
Colleen C. (Intel)Fri, July 24th 2015 - 7:57
New Intel® AMT and HLAPI SDKs posted (v11)2
Intel® AMT SDK Intel® AMT HLAPI :
Roman LavrovThu, April 27th 2017 - 10:04
AMT not responding after power off1
Hi, I have an issue with AMT on a NUC (NUC5i5MY). When I send the "Turn power off" command, the AMT will stay alive for a bit but then it shuts off completely. In DHCP mode it does not send any DHCP requests (is it supposed to do that while Off?). When I configure it to use a static IP (remotely,...
Graham RileyThu, April 27th 2017 - 6:08
Can't see AMT WMI properties6
Hi all, I have a strange issue were some of my clients do not show the AMT properties within WMI explorer.  All clients are Windows 10 x64, Lenovo M93z.  You can see that the properties just show as "String". This is how it shows on my other clients.  You can see the properties have real values....
Peter ZollThu, April 13th 2017 - 13:10
When working on an test machine running Windows Server on a cloud we run a Windows application. It uses WMI (Windows Management Information)'s Processor class to query how many processors there are. There are 2: both Xeon 14 core 2.6 GHz. But the CPU IDs are equal: F106 0400 FFFB EBBF. It does no...
Reed J.Fri, April 7th 2017 - 9:25
Unable to set Wake Alarms 11
Hi, I'm having an issue with setting wake up alarms using AMT. For a bit of background, I first encountered this issue when working in a C# code base that use the HLAPI to set wake alarms. When I try to set an alarm with IAlarmClock.CreateOrUpdateAlarms(AlarmClockList), I get an AlarmClockManagea...
piodr g.Tue, April 4th 2017 - 2:47
intel Compiler questions.3
First of all I want to compile C code not C++. 1). Not going to turn malloc( x )  to ( char* ) malloc( x ). So do you support C or only C++? 2). Is there free version for non commrecial use. Not trial, FREE. For linux user. basically any distro. 3) I want this compiler only to test speed of my li...
Stefan W.Thu, March 30th 2017 - 8:15
Meshcommander can't connect to remote computers1
Hello! We like Meshcommander, it is very useful. But unfortunately we can't connect to computers that are connected via site-to-site-VPN to our internal network. We do can access the Intel AMT webinterface on those computers via http://<IP>:16992. But when we try to connect using Meshcomman...
Thorsten AlbrechtSat, March 18th 2017 - 2:47
RemoteControl.exe: v1.0.9058.1 does not work (exception)3
I used to use the old version of RemoteControl.exe found in the Intel® Active Management Technology SDK. This works without any problem, i.e. I can query the power state of a remote AMT system and issue a power on command. Now I found out that a new version of RemoteControl.exe had been released ...
Grayson W.Tue, March 14th 2017 - 9:53
AMT Host Based Config Question2
Hey, I'm having issues provisioning some of my machines.  I'm using the ACUWizard to push a config down, and for most my computers it works great.  On the machines it doesn't work on, I get the error that client control mode is disabled.  I know this is an issue if I'm running an old version of A...
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