Intel® Video Metadata Framework SDK (Intel® VMF SDK)


  • Create, edit, and embed metadata into video files.
  • Simplify management of metadata in video-related applications
  • Multi-OS and processor architectures

Intel® Video Metadata Framework SDK (Intel® VMF SDK) is a cross-platform SDK for C++ programmers complete with a set of classes that simplify the tasks of managing metadata in video-related applications. Those tasks include metadata definition, creation, querying, saving and loading, and more.

Support for multiple operating systems and processor architectures

  • Windows* on x86 and x64
  • Android* on ARM* and x86
  • iOS*
  • Linux* on x86, x64, MIPS, and ARM*

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  • Metadata definition and creation
  • Metadata saving and loading within video files
  • In-memory metadata querying
  • Metadata sharing and merging

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Advanced Users

For the adventurous, you can also download the source code from GitHub and build VMF yourself. If you're interested you can even sign up to contribute to the project. Complete developer build instructions are located at the GitHub site below.

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