VR for Games—And More

With reduced hardware costs and advanced technology, the applications for VR are rapidly crossing into markets such as businesses, media, sports, and more.


Recent Updates

VR entrepreneurs create opportunities for real estate, retail, and education leaders to offer immersive, interactive digital experiences.

See how Intel and leading VR content creators use the innovative, immersive media studio, Scatter, to create the documentary, Blackout.

This single-player or multiplayer VR game takes advantage of Intel® Core™ i7 processors for advanced particle effects, real-time global illumination, physics-based objects and rendering, and celestial effects.

Recently, Hangzhou Shunwang Network Technology Co., Ltd, completed its first bulk order of VR game platforms, making the VR gaming experience available in dozens of high-end internet cafe bars.

At GDC 2017, we showcased Warhammer: Vermintide VR - Hero Trials. This short and engaging VR experience has you proving your worth as you hone your marksmanship and show off your melee skills.