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Develop Virtual Reality Games for Dual Markets

Skydance Interactive* addresses the unique challenge of game development for both arcade use and home-based players

Maximizing Visuals with CPU Particles in Unreal Engine* 4

CPU particles in Unreal Engine* 4 have many features above and beyond GPU particles including accurate collision

Adding Dimension to Data Analytics through Immersive Visualization

Virtual Cove Visualizer taps the greater potential of the human mind by allowing to view data in multiple dimension

Practical VR: Immersive Arena Experience ADDS a Human Element

Published on November 21, 2018

Open Source code lays the groundwork for a life arena experience designed for architects, investors and builders

Virtualizing Tourism with Interactive VR – Making Destinations Travel to You

Published on November 21, 2018

Virtual Reality (VR) is poised to exponentially change the way experiences will be remembered. Already, almost ever

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Model for Real Time—Beyond Counting Polygons

The number of polygons in a mesh typically indicates how fast it will render.

Surprising Volumetric Effects in Cinema 4D* Part 2: Erupting Plasma and Sliced Clouds

This article delves into creating more complex visuals like a realistic fiery and detailed sun

Surprising Volumetric Effects in Cinema 4D* Part 1: The Magic of Visible Lights

Volumetric effects such as clouds, fog, nebulae or fire-like structures are a common task in the daily work of a 3D

Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (CMAA)

The conservative morphological anti-aliasing 2.0 (CMAA2) algorithm is a significant update of the original

An Immersive Tour of a Ghost Town: Bodie, California

This code sample demonstrates how VR can be used to reach audiences other than gamers.

Tune High Dynamic Range (HDR) Playback with Intel® Graphics Driver

Published on November 1, 2018

Tune High Dynamic Range (HDR) Playback with Intel® Graphics Driver

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Engineering Meets Art

The processing of millions or billions of pixels is taxing on the CPU and takes multiple seconds to finish

Project Arena - Visualization of a Real-World Webinar

Last updated: October 22, 2018Video length: 33 min

This webinar will give you an understanding of the tools and pipeline required for the data-aggregation and conditioning from Autodesk Revit*, 3DS Max* and into Unreal Engine*.

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Introduction to VR Application Performance Tuning

This guide introduces virtual reality (VR) developers to rudimentary analysis and optimization techniques

Create VR with Speech Synthesis in Unreal Engine* & Oculus Rift*

This article walks through the steps to go from a blank VR canvas to an actor that will get to virtual store.

Dynamic Resolution Rendering Update for Microsoft DirectX* 12

Using DirectX 12 can be a convenient way to add DRR functionality to your existing rendering pipeline

Vista House – A Photogrammetry Project

Vista House is a virtual reality experience that demonstrates the use of photogrammetry technology to create 3D assets...

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Sampling Surround Sound and Binaural Audio for Use in Virtual Environments and Games

Published on October 11, 2018

This article explains techniques for using advanced audio hardware and virtual reality (VR) microphones to collect real-time binaural audio...


Last updated: September 27, 2018Total length: 16 min

This mini-series focuses on the development and advancement of WebVR.

Videos in Series:

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Code Sample: Intel® Multi-Core Processor Enterprise VR Experience, Integrating Crowd Simulations into Mixed Reality

Code Sample: Intel® Multi-Core Processor Enterprise VR Experience, Integrating Crowd Simulations into Mixed Reality

People experiencing a mall - 3D rendering

Arena Concourse Comes to Life With Virtual Reality

Intel developed Project Mall as a proof of concept to demonstrate the commercial potential of VR in architecturure

Using the Intel® NUC 8 in VR and Fulldome for Immersive Multimedia Experiences

This article will show how the technology of the NUC 8 can successfully integrate with the projection technology of the full dome and VR in a number...

Large Scale 3d Reconstruction on Intel Platforms

Large scale dynamic reconstruction is a foundational technology along with positional tracking to enable high end VR and AR experiences. It is...

Crooked Sheriff: Creating a VR Wild West Escape Room Experience

We see VR escape-room experiences less as a replacement for the physical equivalent and more as a complement. A hybrid of both creates a fascinating...

Virtualizing Psychotherapy with VR the Epic Adventure

Published on September 14, 2018

We can review a VR application at any stage of production without much stress. The biggest flaw in our first-hand experience, though, was that none...

Photogrammetry and Volumetric Capture

This article compares volumetric capture and photogrammetry, and takes a deeper dive into technical specifications, package sizes, capture options,...

Code Sample: Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing Version 2 (CMAA2)

Published on September 6, 2018By Filip S.

Files(s):DownloadLicense:CMAA2 is licensed under Apache* License 2.0.Optimized for... OS:64-bit Windows® 10...

Introducing Volumation: A 3D Capture and Processing Solution for Volumetric Assets

Last updated: August 31, 2018Video length: 2 min

Volumation captures optimizes, and clean up without a green screen in  one-click  process, creating 3D animated images of  any  object for entertainment with increased realism and immersion. 

Project Arena: A Study in Large-Scale Commercial VR Application Development & Deployment

Last updated: August 30, 2018Video length: 1 min

Project Arena is a premium commercial VR experience that sets out to demonstrate and educate the VR developer community on how to produce large-scale VR projects. 

Test the Limits of Real-Time Graphics

Last updated: August 29, 2018Video length: 3 min

This 8 K photogrammetry project shows real-time graphics featuring Unreal Engine* 4 and pushes the limits of current enthusiast-grade hardware. 

Construct: Volumetric Video Experience by PresenZ* and StarVR*

Last updated: August 29, 2018Video length: 3 min

Take a look at the volumetric video experience "Construct" and learn about the new StarVR* Starbreeze HMD!

API without Secrets: The Practical Approach to Vulkan* - Part 1

We start with a simple problem: the most general layout of our application. o render anything, to perform any job, we need at least one command...

Code Sample: API Without Secrets: The Practical Approach to Vulkan*

Learn what resources are needed and how to organize them to efficiently generate and display a single frame of animation in the Vulkan API.

The Intel® Core™ i9-7980XE Extreme Edition processor is Intel’s highest- performance processor to date for 3D mega tasking. Its extreme processing capabilities are showcased using the  Cinema 4D* Mountainvista Scene Workload

Comparing 3D Rendering Performance Using the Cinema 4D Mountainvista Scene Workload

This solution brief compares rendering performance for a 32GB scene using MAXON* Cinema on a 4D18-core Intel® Core™ i9-7980XE Extreme Edition...

Code Sample: Lightmapping code for prefabs in Unity*

Attach this script as a component to any prefab you might want to lightmap. From the editor window inside Unity you can setup a scene with proper...