Which Game Engine is Right For You?

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

The best VR applications are high performing and provide content-rich experiences. This VR optimization tool suite will let you:

  • Determine if a VR application is bound to the CPU or GPU to guide the optimization process and find hardware limitations. Example
  • Use live analysis to see real-time drops and spikes in key game metrics. Details
  • Trigger frame captures for any frame that falls below the desired frame per second (FPS) threshold.
  • Implement live experiments on a frame to pinpoint and resolve the cause of inadequate frame duration.
  • Identify CPU differentiation opportunities and measure CPU headroom.

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Play games created with the Unity* 3D engine through a web browser using the Unity Web Player without installing the game.

Sculpting 3D Assets in VR using Oculus* Medium

This first-rate 3D sculpting application is completely functional within VR, and helps you create a structured asset that you can use in 3D editors, animators, and game engines from Blender* to Unity.

Updating Older Unity Games

With VR capabilities integrated into Unity 3D, see how to convert older games made with the Unity* game engine to be compatible with the HTC Vive* virtual reality hardware.


This engine is used to create frames-per-second (FPS) games, as well as strategy and racing games. Used by companies including Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, it is based on the C++ programming language.