Alex Porter

Co-owner at Underminer Studios
Austin, TX

Virtual reality, augmented reality, game development, mobile, Intel® RealSense™ technology, networking, and IoT

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Alex is a partner in ownership with her husband, Timothy, in Underminer Studios. One of their latest projects is virtual reality therapy (VRT), which treats anxiety disorders and is one of the primary treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Virtual reality allows the immersion of an individual into an environment that would otherwise be unsafe, unwise, or impractical for treatment.

Alex Schuster

Interactive developer, multimedia specialist
Dubuque, Iowa

Virtual reality, augmented reality visualization, game development

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Alex is a developer who is focused on rapid prototyping for gaming, visualization, and stimulation using augmented reality technologies, virtual reality technologies, and more. He attempts to connect people with new technologies and ideas that are both simple and engaging. Alex developed the Tanked! arcade game, which features tanks battling on sand.

America Lopez

Co-founder of CyberCode Twins

Civic tech, virtual reality (VR), and Internet of Things

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America is on a mission to make communities safer through wearable tech and virtual reality.

Andre Carlucci

Founder, Way2 Technology*
Florianopolis, Brazil

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Andre is a Microsoft* MVP in Brazil working with Intel® RealSense™ SDK on open source projects.

Andres Martinez

Founder, baKno Games*
Key Biscayne, FL

Multiplatform game development, including Android on Intel architecture. Game development, desktop, mobile, web, and virtual reality (VR).

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Cristian Paul Dragomir

Co-founder of Helios
Amstelveen, Netherlands

IoT, open-source hardware, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR)

Cristian is a student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is interested in VR, AR, wearables, and everything related to human-computer interaction. He also has experience in printed circuit board (PCB) design, microcontroller programming, and web development.

Esya Volchek

Founder and CTO,
Boston, MA and Irvine, CA

IoT, virtual reality, Python*, data analysis


I am the founder and engineer behind the event discovery site. I created the full-stack site and data pipeline, as well as machine learning algorithms for clustering data. I also work with Arduino*, wearables, sensors, and virtual reality. I provide mentoring to girls who are considering going into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Houssem Eddine Lassoued

Senior developer, software engineering professor and researcher
Tunis, Tunisia

Android, Unity, Virtual Reality

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Community manager at GDG Tunis, co-­founder of the Tunisian Android Community, Intel Software Innovator, working on Android-based virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications, IoT, and game development.

Justin Lassen

Producer, composer, visionary, sound designer, remixer, music technologist
Gilbert, AZ

Virtual reality, Intel® RealSense™ technology, music, game development

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With 15 years of experience in the music, film, and video game industries, Justin Lassen is well versed in all aspects of the creative arts. His blend of classical technique and modern methodology has defined his success in all manner of genres. His wildly popular instrumental series, Synaesthesia, has been highly praised by everyone from CGSociety to EQ International and Playboy magazines. Likewise, his dark, symphonic masterpiece, And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly, has seen over 100 million downloads since its release in 2003. As a remixer, Mr. Lassen has worked with artists like Madonna, Garbage, The Killers, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, Robert Miles, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Apocalyptica, and more. He contributed his production talents to high-profile technology firms like iZotope, Cakewalk, Intel, Sony, Konami, Interplay, and the US Department of Defense.

Justin Link

Developer, co-founder, Chronosapien Interactive*
Orlando, Florida

Virtual and augmented reality, natural user interfaces

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I'm an interactive media developer and I love taking new technology and pushing it to its limits to create new and unique experiences. My company was created specifically to bring innovation to consumers and get everyone working and playing with future technology.

Macy Kuang

Toronto, Canada

Gaming, virtual reality, IoT, and robotics

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Macy is a producer and host of her own YouTube* technology tips and tricks show, CodeToCreate, and is also the founder of Miaomiao Games. She is on the organizing committee for AndroidTO, the annual Android conference in Toronto, and the co-organizer of the Toronto Google Developer Group. Macy is also a Google Developers Expert for wearables, and an IoT pioneer.

Maksim Masalski

Founder of Maxxlife Robot and robotics store
Minsk, Belarus


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Fields of research are robotics, biomechanics, mechatronics, virtual reality, IoT, and e-textile. Since childhood, I am interested in technics and technologies. I'm a founder of an IoT and robotics laboratory in Minsk, and with my team we produce educational robotics kits, Maxxlife Robot.

Martin Förtsch

Principal consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH
Munich, Germany

Agile software development mainly in Java*, databases, information retrieval, 3D cameras like the Intel® RealSense™ camera, Leap Motion or Kinect, augmented reality and telepresence robotics.

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Martin Förtsch is an IT consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH in Munich, Germany. As an Intel Software Innovator, Intel Black Belt Software Developer, and JavaOne Rockstar, he is strongly involved in the development of awesome showcases and open-source software for gesture control with 3D cameras like the Intel RealSense camera. Furthermore, he gives many talks on national and international conferences about Internet of Things, 3D camera technologies, augmented reality and test driven development as well. He is an author for the technical blog,

Mike DiGiovanni

Emerging technology lead, Isobar*
New York

Android* and virtual reality (mobile and room-scale)


Continuing Android* application development while socializing and educating other developers about Android devices with Intel® architecture and software.

Moheeb Zara

Community manager, Octoblu

Moheeb is a community manager at Octoblu, a Citrix* company. He is a board member for HeatSync Labs.

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As well, Moheeb is a co-founder of the Southwest Maker Festival.

Neil Roodyn

Director, nsquared solutions
Sydney, Australia

Windows, artificial intelligence, mixed and augmented reality

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Dr. Neil Roodyn is a founder, entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, and author. He travels the world working with technology companies.

Pedro Galvan


Intel® RealSense™ developer.

Pedro M. Kayatt

Co-founder of VRMonkey*
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pedro is a virtual reality innovator with a strong passion for games.

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He mixes many technologies such as Intel® RealSense™ technology as an NUI to improve interactions with the virtual world. By developing some educational tools in virtual reality (VR), Pedro believes we can change the world, for better.

Pedro Queiroz

Independent game developer, Intel® RealSense™ technology, RA and VR enthusiast

Always looking for different ways to use new technology. Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013 winner. Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge 2014 TrailBlazer.

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Last research was to create games and applications that can be controlled completely with facial recognition. Evangelizing Intel RealSense technology in Recife.

Penelope Lopez

Cofounder of CyberCode Twins

Civic tech, virtual reality, Internet of Things.

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Penelope is on a mission to make communities safer through wearable tech and virtual reality.

Peter Ma

Independent developer, founder of Grindbit*
San Francisco

Intel® RealSense™ technology, IoT, Android*, iOS*, augmented reality (AR), wearables, Node.js*

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Peter has been a software developer for more than 12 years. He was involved in many startups and projects that pushed the envelope of innovation. His accomplishments include speaking about mobile apps at TEDGlobal 2010. He also won the 2015 AT&T Developer Summit grand prize. In 2016, Peter gave Secretary of State John Kerry a demo of Anti-Snoozer, a drowsy detection system that leverages both Intel® Edison™ board and Intel RealSense technology. That same year, he won the IBM Global Mobile Innovator Challenge.

Peter is currently working on a startup called Grindbit, a headband that tracks teeth grinding at night. You can usually find him at local hackathons in the San Francisco Bay area helping different teams build IoT projects.

Peter O'Hanlon

Managing director, independent developer
Newcastle, United Kingdom


Introducing gesture and voice recognition into standalone desktop apps, as well as integrating perceptual computing into Microsoft Office*.

Sam Warner

CEO, Well Told Entertainment
Orange, California

Virtual reality, gaming

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Sam hopped right into the growing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) movement right out of college and formed Well Told Entertainment with some of his closest friends. He relies on their awesome skills to create story-focused products for clients and consumers alike. Together they have published several apps on the market and have a game on Steam. They’re excited to share more about their next game Foglands - Long Road Home and what they're doing to make the player feel like the protagonist of a good story, well told!

Tharaneedharan (Dharani) Vilwanathan

Senior staff engineer
Fremont, California

Networking, server, modern code, IoT, graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality

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Dharani is a software architect with over 25 years in the software industry. He was part of Inferno* operating system, Limbo* programming language, and networking projects at Bell Labs (Lucent). He worked for Cisco on the Catalyst* 6500 (Cat6K), Cat4K, and Cat3K switches. He is currently at Aruba* (a Hewlett-Packard enterprise company) in the wireless area. He has an avid interest in networking, operating systems, and software architecture.

Thomas Endres

Principal consultant at TNG Technology Consulting
Munich, Germany

Gesture cameras like the Intel RealSense camera, augumented reality (AR) and robotics with C#, Java, and JavaScript.

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | ParrotsOnJava website | Facebook - ParrotsOnJava | Twitter - ParrotsOnJava | Developer Mesh

Thomas Endres is an IT consultant working for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich who is passionate about software development and other aspects of technology. He is involved in various AR, robotics, and gesture control projects written in Java, C#, and all kinds of JavaScript languages. Furthermore, he is an Intel Software Innovator and Intel Black Belt Software Developer, as well as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut and an author for the technical blog,

Timothy Porter

Co-owner at Underminer Studios
Austin, TX

Virtual reality, augmented reality, game development, mobile, Intel® RealSense technology, networking, IoT

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Tim has more than eight years in the entertainment industry, a bachelor degree in computer animation, a strong foundation in art, and a mind sharp for technical details. He has used lessons learned from early-career gaming roles to develop his own methodologies for streamlining pipelines, optimizing multiple platforms, and creating tools that make teams stronger and more efficient. A partner in ownership with his wife, Alex, in Underminer Studios, Tim steers the technical side of the business.