amplxe-cl Command Syntax

Use the following Intel® VTune™ Amplifier amplxe-cl command syntax:

$ amplxe-cl <-action> [-action-option] [-global-option] [[--] <target> [target-options]]


The name of the VTune Amplifier command line tool.


The action to perform, such as collect or report.


Action-options modify behavior specific to the action. You can have multiple action-options per action. Using an action-option that does not apply to the action results in a usage error.


Long names of the options can be abbreviated. If the option consists of several words you can abbreviate each word, keeping the dash between them. Make sure an abbreviated version unambiguously matches the long name. For example, the -option-name option can be abbreviated as -opt-name, -op-na, -opt-n, or -o-n.


Global-options modify behavior in the same manner for all actions. You can have multiple global-options per action.

[--] <target>

The target application to analyze.


You may use amplxe-cl to analyze remote targets running on regular Linux* or Android* systems.


Options for the application.


This example runs the Hotspots analysis for the sample target located at the /home/test/ directory on a Linux* system, saves the analysis result in the r001hs subdirectory of the current directory, and displays the default summary report.

$ amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -result-dir r001hs -quiet /home/test/sample


  • -collect is an action

  • hotspots is an argument of the action

  • -result-dir is an action-option

  • r001hs is an argument of the action-option

  • -quiet is a global-option

  • sample is a target

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