WHERE: Analysis System

Before running a performance analysis, make sure to prepare your target system, which is a system where a profiling session runs.

The target system can be the same as the host system, which is a system where the VTune Amplifier GUI is installed. If you run an analysis on the same system where the VTune Amplifier is installed (i.e. target system=host system), such a target system is called local. Target systems other than local are called remote systems.

When you create a project, the Configure Analysis window opens pre-configured to run the entry-point Hotspots analysis on the local host. You can click the Browse button in the WHERE pane to choose a different system type for analysis:

Configure Analysis: System

Local Host

Run an analysis on the local host system.


This type of the target system is not available for macOS*.

Remote Linux (SSH)

Run an analysis on a remote regular or embedded Linux* system. VTune Amplifier uses the SSH protocol to connect to your remote system.

Android Device (ADB)

Run an analysis on an Android device. VTune Amplifier uses the Android Debug Bridge* (adb) to connect to your Android device.

Arbitrary Host (not connected)

Create a command line configuration for a platform NOT accessible from the current host, which is called an arbitrary target.

Explore system-specific requirements for analysis targets:

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