WHAT: Analysis Target

A target is an executable file you analyze using the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier , which could be an executable file, a process, or a whole system.

By default, when you create a new project, the VTune Amplifier opens an analysis configuration with the Launch Application analysis target pre-selected:

Configure Analysis: Target

To change a target type for your project, click the Browse button on the WHAT pane. The following target types are available:

Launch Application

Enable the Launch Application pane and choose and configure an application to analyze, which can be either a binary file or a script. See options for launching an application.


This target type is not supported for the Hotspots analysis of Android applications. Use the Attach to Process or Launch Android Package types instead.

Attach to Process

Enable the Attach to Process pane and choose and configure a process to analyze. See options for attaching to a process.

Profile System

Enable the Profile System pane and configure the system-wide analysis that monitors all the software executing on your system.

Launch Android Package

Enable the Launch Android Package pane to specify the name of the Android* package to analyze and configure target options. See options for launching an Android package.

Options available for the target configuration depend on the target system you select in the WHERE pane.


To focus on analyzing particular processes, you may collect data on all processes (without selecting the Attach to Process target type) and then filter the collected results as follows:

  1. From the Grouping drop-down menu in the Bottom-up window, select the grouping by Process, for example: Process/Function/Thread/Call Stack.

  2. In the grid, right-click the process you are interested in and select the Filter In by Selection option from the context menu.

    VTune Amplifier updates the grid to provide data for the selected process only.

  3. From the Grouping drop-down menu, select any other grouping level you need, for example: Function/Call Stack.

    VTune Amplifier groups the data for the selected process according to the granularity you specified.

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