Analyze Unplugged Devices

Configure the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier to run the collection on a detached device by using the Analyze unplugged device option.

Intel VTune Amplifier allows you to run an analysis on a mobile system that is detached from the network or USB drive during the collection. Detaching the device from an ADB connection allows for increased accuracy in certain system performance metrics, such as power consumption. Unplugged analysis is currently supported for Android* target devices.

  1. Connect to the target Android device via ADB. For more information, see Android* System Setup.

  2. Click the Configure Analysis button on the VTune Amplifier toolbar.

  3. Select the Android device (ADB) option from the WHERE pane.

  4. In the WHAT pane, select the analysis target.

  5. Expand the Advanced section of the WHAT pane and select the Analyze unplugged device option.

  6. Select the analysis type from the HOW pane and click Start.

  7. Unplug the device from the USB.

    Collection begins as soon as the device is disconnected. Data is collected on the device using the settings selected. An alert appears after collection completes. You can also tap the Stop button on your device to stop the collection.

  8. Reconnect the device to the USB when collection completes. The collected results are automatically transferred to Intel VTune Amplifier, processed, and displayed in the viewpoint appropriate to the analysis type selected. If you plug in the device before collection completes, the collection stops and the results are transferred to Intel VTune Amplifier.

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