Window: Configure Analysis

Configure your performance analysis with the Intel VTune Amplifier by specifying WHAT you need to profile, a target system WHERE you need to run the collection, and select an analysis type to define HOW you need to analyze your workload.

As soon as you created a project for analysis, the VTune Amplifier opens this window that navigates you through the analysis configuration with the following panes:

WHERE: Choose and set up a system for analysis.

WHAT: Choose and configure your analysis target.

HOW: Choose and configure performance analysis type.

Run and control your analysis using these toolbar buttons:

starts the analysis;

pauses the data collection at any time of the app execution;

enables you to specify binary and source files for successful post-processing finalization (for example, for remote analysis);

creates a command line version of the selected configuration that can be copied and used on other systems.

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