Control Window Synchronization

Correlate the data displayed in the Bottom-up window for each program unit (bottom-up analysis) and in the Top-down Tree window for an overall impact of each element together with its callees (top-down analysis).

The Top-down Tree window includes Self Time and Total Time columns for each data column in the Bottom-up window:

Top-down Tree Pane

In the Threading Efficiency example above, columns in the Top-down Tree window match the columns in the Bottom-up window as follows:

Bottom-up Window

Top-down Tree Window

Wait Time by Thread Concurrency

Wait Time: Total by Thread Concurrency

Wait Time: Self by Thread Concurrency

Wait Count

Wait Count: Total

Wait Count: Self

The Bottom-up window provides only Self type of data (function without callees). In the grid, Self time/Count column headers do not have :suffix.

The Total type of data (function + all callees' Self data) is provided in the <data>:Total column and unique to the Top-down Tree window. In the example above, these are the Wait Time:Total by Utilization and Wait Count:Total columns.

Self time for a program unit in the Bottom-up window equals the sum of Self time values for the same program unit in different call sequences in the Top-down Tree window.

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