Dialog Box: Source Search

Use the Source Search dialog box to specify the directories used to search for source files on the host, which is required for data finalization and accurate source analysis. For remote data collection, if the source files are not available on the host, make sure to either copy them to the host or mount the directory with the source files and add it to the search paths.

To access this dialog box:

  1. On the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier toolbar, click the Configure Analysis button.

    The result tab opens the Configure Analysis window.

  2. Specify your analysis system on the WHERE pane and analysis target on the WHAT pane.

  3. Click the Search Sources/Binaries button on the command toolbar at the bottom.

  4. In the dialog box, select Sources from the left pane.

To manage the search directories list, hover over a respective line to see the action buttons.

Use This

To Do This

Search Directories list

  • Add non-standard directories to the list.

  • View the directories currently in the search list, including their search order.


Browse for directories to include to the search list.

<Add a new search location> field

Add a new local search directory to the list by clicking the field and typing the path and name of the directory in the activated text box.


The search is non-recursive. Make sure to specify correct paths to the source files.


Move the selected directory up the search priority list.


Move the selected directory down the search priority list.


Remove the selected directory from the list.

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