Domain API

A domain enables tagging trace data for different modules or libraries in a program. Domains are specified by unique character strings, for example TBB.Internal.Control.

Each domain is represented by an opaque __itt_domain structure, which you can use to tag each of the ITT API calls in your code.

You can selectively enable or disable specific domains in your application, in order to filter the subsets of instrumentation that are collected into the output trace capture file. To disable a domain set its flag field to 0 value. This disables tracing for a particular domain while keeping the rest of the code unmodified. The overhead of a disabled domain is a single if check.

Use This Primitive

To Do This

__itt_domain *ITTAPI__itt_domain_create ( const char *name)

Create domain using some domain name: the URI naming style is recommended. (for example, com.my_company.my_application). The set of domains is expected to be static over the application's execution time, therefore, there is no mechanism to destroy a domain.

Any domain can be accessed by any thread in the process, regardless of which thread created the domain. This call is thread-safe.




Name of domain


#include "ittnotify.h"
__itt_domain* pD = __itt_domain_create(L"My Domain" ); 
pD->flags = 0; /* disable domain */
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