Error Message: Cannot Locate Debugging Information


Debugging information (PDB files on Windows* and DWARF format on Linux*) for applications and system modules is not generally available on the system by default. Missing debug information is not critical to performance analysis but prevents Intel® VTune™ Amplifier from providing full-scale statistics on call stacks, source data, and so on.

If the VTune Amplifier does not find debug information for the binaries, it statically identifies function boundaries and assigns hotspot addresses to generated pseudo names func@address for such functions, for example:

If a module is not found or the name of a function cannot be resolved, the VTune Amplifier displays module identifiers within square brackets, for example: [module].

If the debug information is absent, the VTune Amplifier may not unwind the call stack and display it correctly in the Call Stack pane. Additionally in some cases, it can take significantly more time to finalize the results for modules that do not have debug information.


For accurate performance analysis, you are recommended to have the debug information available on the system where the VTune Amplifier is installed. See detailed instructions to enable:

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