Error Message: Application Sets Its Own Handler for Signal

Full error message: Application sets its own handler for signal <conflicting_signal> that is used for internal needs of the tool. Collection cannot continue. This is a Linux* only message.


User-mode sampling and tracing collector cannot profile applications that set up the signal handler for a signal used by the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier.


When collecting data with amplxe-cl, add the --run-pass-thru=--profiling-signal <not_used_signal> command line option, where <not_used_signal> is a signal that should not be used by your application to analyze; you need to select the signal from SIGRTMIN..SIGRTMAX.

Alternatively, you may set the environment variable AMPLXE_RUNTOOL_OPTIONS=--profiling-signal <not_used_signal>. You may do this, either from your terminal window before running the VTune Amplifier GUI or from the Configure Analysis window entering the variable into the User-defined Environment Variables field.

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