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Starting with Intel® VTune Amplifier 2018 version, product help, tutorials, and Release Notes are available online only from the Intel Software Documentation Library in the Intel Developer Zone (IDZ). You can also download an offline version of the VTune Amplifier help as part of:

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier provides multiple documentation formats and resources that help you better understand product functionality:

Access Documentation

Access product documentation through one of these ways:

  • For the cross-platform standalone user interface of the VTune Amplifier: Click the menu button and select Help > documentation_format or click the Help button on the product toolbar.

  • Windows* only:

    • For the VTune Amplifier integrated into the Visual Studio user interface: Select Intel VTune Amplifier version > documentation_format from the Help menu or click the product icon on the toolbar.

    • From the Start menu, select Program Files > Intel_Studio_version > Intel VTune Amplifier version > documentation_format > Intel VTune Amplifier documentation_format. For example: Program Files > Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 > Intel VTune Amplifier 2019 > Documentation > Intel VTune Amplifier Documentation.


  • You need an internet connection to access all VTune Amplifier documentation formats listed in the menu except for the Get Started document that is available offline with the product.

  • If you use Microsoft* Internet Explorer* or Microsoft Edge* browser for viewing a downloaded copy of the VTune Amplifier documentation, you may encounter these known issues:

    • Internet Explorer 11: No help topics show up when you select them in the TOC pane. Solution: add http://localhost to the list of trusted sites in the Tools > Internet Options > Security tab. You may remove the site when you finish viewing the documentation.

    • Microsoft Edge: Help panes are truncated and a proper style sheet is not applied. Solution: click the Menu <…> and select Open with Internet Explorer.

Get Started Page

VTune Amplifier provides a Get Started page that includes a brief product introduction, provides a basic usage flow and links to additional resources, like Tutorials using a variety of tuning scenarios for sample applications. This page automatically opens after product installation. You can also access this page through the Help menu/toolbar button or Get Stared link on the Welcome page.

VTune Amplifier User Guide

VTune Amplifier User Guide documents concepts, procedures, and reference information required to successfully work with the product. The User Guide is available from the Intel Software Documentation Library on the web and accessible via the Help menu or the Help toolbar button.

Context-Sensitive Help

Access help topics on active GUI elements through context-sensitive help configured in VTune Amplifier. These features are available on a product-specific basis:

  • Learn more | F1 button | Context Help button provide help for an active dialog box, property page, pane, or window.

  • What's This Column: In the grid, right-click a performance metric column and select the What's This Column entry from the context menu to open a help topic for this particular metric. You can also view a lightweight metric description in the pop-up window when hovering over the column name.


In some windows, an overlay outlines useful tips to manage analysis data and enhance your experience. Where available, click the icon for a tour of useful features in the analysis window.

Overlay of Bottom-Up pane

Tutorials and Cookbook

VTune Amplifier provides 15-minute tutorials that show you how to use basic or advanced product features with a short sample. The tutorials provide an excellent foundation before you read the VTune Amplifier help. For details, see the Tutorials and Samples topic.

For end-to-end analysis scenarios, explore the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier Performance Analysis Cookbook.

Video and Technical Articles

You can select the Video and Articles Help menu item to access the VTune Amplifier online training page with How-to videos and technical articles.

Intel Processor Event Reference

VTune Amplifier documentation includes Reference for Intel processor events. To access the Reference for a particular Intel processor/microarchitecture, select Intel Processor Event Reference option from the Help menu and choose the required microarchitecture/processor.

You can also find it useful to explore Tuning Guides for Intel microarchitecture created by Intel architects and available on the web.

Release Notes

VTune Amplifier Release Notes provide the most up-to-date information about the product, including a product description, system requirements, technical support, and known limitations and issues.

Installation Guides

Installation Guides contain installation instructions for installing the product. Before installation, the Installation Guides are located at the root level (same level as the installation script/executable) of the installation download package. After installation they are available in the product documentation folder.

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