Get Started with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

When you start Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, a Welcome page opens with several links to product news, resources, and directions for your next steps.

Use these panes at the bottom of the page:

Review the latest Featured Content that typically includes performance tuning scenarios and tuning methodology articles. The list of featured articles is populated dynamically and available online.

Click the What's New link to view a list of features provided with the current version of VTune Amplifier.

To start with VTune Amplifier, you need to have a project that specifies a target to analyze. If a project is open, its name shows up on the Welcome page as the Current project.

To configure and run a new configuration for the current project, click the Configure Analysis... link. To configure target and analysis settings for a currently opened project, click Configure Analysis link as well.

To create a new project, click the New Project... link.

For quick and easy access to an existing project used recently, click the required project name in the Recent Projects list. Hover over a project name in the list to see the full path to the project file.

Click Open Project... to open an existing project (*.amplxeproj).

To open a recently collected result, click the required item in the Recent Results list. By default, each result name has an identifier of its analysis type (last two letters in the result name); for example, tr stands for Threading analysis. Hover over a result name in the list to see the full path to the result file.

Click Open Result... to open a result file (*.amplxe).

Use the Getting Started document to get up and running with a basic Hotspots analysis using your own application on your host system.


From a macOS host, you can launch a collection on a remote Linux* system or on an Android* system and view the data collection result on the host. Local macOS analysis is not supported.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.
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