Exclude/include inline functions in the stack.

GUI Equivalent

Toolbar: Filter > Inline Mode menu


-inline-mode off | on


Inline functions are included in the stack.

Actions Modified

collect, finalize, import, report


Use inline-mode off with the collect, finalize or import actions if you want to exclude inline functions from the stack in results. You can also use this with the report action to exclude inline functions from reports.

By default, this option is enabled so that performance details for all inline functions used in the application are included in the stack in results and reports.


This option is supported if you compile your code using:

  • GCC* compiler 4.1 (or higher)

  • Intel® Composer XE SP1 (12.1.333) or higher, with the -debug inline-debug-info option (Linux*) or /debug:inline-debug-info option (Windows*) enabled


Generate a hotspots report with inline mode disabled.

$ amplxe-cl –report hotspots -inline-mode off
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