Managed Code Targets

Enable performance analysis of Java*, .NET*, Python*, Go* or Windows* Store targets by configuring the managed code profiling options.

To configure the managed code analysis:

  1. Click the Configure Analysis button on the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier toolbar.

    The Configure Analysis window opens.

  2. From the WHERE pane, select a required target system (for example, local host).
  3. From the WHAT pane, select a target type (for example, Launch Application).
  4. Expand the Advanced section and configure the Managed code profiling mode by choosing one of the following options:
    • Native mode collects data on native code only, does not attribute data to managed source.

    • Managed mode collects everything, resolves samples attributed to native code, attributes data to managed source only. The call stack in the analysis result displays data for managed code only.

    • Mixed mode collects everything and attributes data to managed source where appropriate. Consider using this option when analyzing a native executable that makes calls to the managed code.

    • Auto mode automatically detects the type of target executable, managed or native, and switches to the corresponding mode.


    • On Windows* OS, the managed code profiling setting is inherited automatically from the Visual Studio* project. For native targets, the Managed code profiling mode option is disabled.

    • System-wide profiling for managed code is not supported on Windows* OS.

    • Managed and Mixed modes are not supported on Linux* OS.

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