Menu: Customize Grouping

Use the Customize Grouping menu to create a custom grouping of program units for the current viewpoint.

Typically default groupings provided in the VTune Amplifier are enough for basic analysis workflows. But you may organize the collected data to explore it from a different perspective. For this, click the Customize Grouping button in the grid view and combine a grouping you need.

Use This

To Do This

List of available grouping levels

Select grouping levels required for your custom grouping. This list provides all levels supported by the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier. Make sure to select grouping levels applicable to your analysis type.

Custom grouping field

View the custom grouping you created. The grouping shows up in the Grouping menu in the order presented in this field. If the grouping uses levels not applicable to the current analysis, no data is shown in the grid.

Left and Right arrows

Use the left and right arrows to add/remove the groping levels in the custom grouping. Use double right arrows to remove all levels from the custom grouping.

Up and Down arrows

Modify the order of grouping levels selected for the custom grouping.

The grouping you create is added to the Grouping menu for the current session and automatically removed when you close the result.

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