Platform Profiler Setup (Preview)

Use the Platform Profiler tool packaged with Intel VTune Amplifier to gain insights into overall system configuration, performance, and behavior. Before you begin collecting data, set up Platform Profiler and the target system on which you want to collect platform performance data.


This is a PREVIEW FEATURE. A preview feature may or may not appear in a future production release. It is available for your use in the hopes that you will provide feedback on its usefulness and help determine its future. Data collected with a preview feature is not guaranteed to be backward compatible with future releases. Please send your feedback to or to

Initial Configuration (Linux*)

  1. Navigate to <vtune_install_dir>/vpp/server.

  2. Run the following commands for the configuration script and follow the prompts using an account with root or sudo privileges.

    source ./
  3. Navigate to the Platform Profiler home page in your browser (Google Chrome* recommended): http://localhost:6543

Starting and Stopping Platform Profiler (Linux*)

Run the following commands to start Platform Profiler manually after initial installation or a system reboot:

source ./

Run the following commands to stop Platform Profiler:

source ./

Initial Configuration (Windows*)

  1. Launch Intel® VTune™ Amplifier and open or create a project.

  2. Click the Configure Analysis button on the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier toolbar.

    The Configure Analysis window opens.

  3. From HOW pane, click the Browse button and select Platform Profiler from the Platform group.

  4. Click the Setup button. This step usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete and requires administrative access.


    If you see the Launch button instead of the Setup button, Platform Profiler is already configured and can be started by clicking the Launch button.

A browser automatically opens the Platform Profiler user interface and an icon appears in your task bar. Use the task bar icon to stop Platform Profiler.

Collector Installation

The collectors used for the Platform Profiler are automatically installed with other VTune Amplifier collectors on a target system. No additional configuration is required.

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