Problem: No GPU Usage Data Is Collected


Intel® VTune™ Amplifier may not collect the GPU usage data in the following cases:

  • Intel Media Server Studio driver is not installed properly, so the kernel patching is not applied.

  • GPU analysis is run without root privileges.

  • Intel Graphics driver is not signed properly.

  • Linux kernel is configured with the CONFIG_FTRACE option disabled.


Depending on the root cause, which is typically identified by the VTune Amplifier and described in a warning message, consider one of the following workarounds:

  • Make sure to install the Intel Media Server Studio (starting with version 2015 R5) and build the kernel driver as described in the Getting Started Guide.

  • Since GPU analysis relies on the Ftrace* technology, you need to follow one of the following requirements:

    • Run GPU analysis with root privileges (recommended).

    • Use the script that sets read/write permissions to debugFS.

  • If you use a customized kernel, make sure it is configured with the CONFIG_FTRACE option enabled.

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