Set Up Remote Windows* Target

You can install the command line data collection features of Intel VTune Amplifier on remote Windows* systems to reduce overhead and collect performance data remotely. Data collection on a remote system does not require a license; however, viewing of the data cannot be done on the remote system unless a license is present. The results of any data collection that is run on a remote system must be copied to a system where a regular installation was completed for data analysis, viewing, and reporting.

To install the remote collectors, complete the following steps:

  1. Extract the product web image manually using the following command:

    VTune_Amplifier_<version>_setup.exe --extract-only --silent --extract-folder C:\temp\VTune_Amplifier_unpacked

    You can include the --extract-folder option with a file path to a writeable directory to specify a location other than the default. The default location for the extracted files is [Program Files]\Intel\Download\VTune_Amplifier_<version>_setup.

  2. Copy the folder containing the installation files for the collectors and command line tools to the remote machine. For example, the default location for a 64-bit OS is C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Download\VTune_Amplifier_<version>_setup\installs\amplxe_cli_install.

  3. On the remote machine, run the Amplifier.msi file as a user with Administrative permissions and follow the instructions.

  4. Run and install the following files from the installation location as a user with administrative permissions:

    • On a 64-bit system: msvcrt_x86.msi and msvcrt_x64.msi
    • On a 32-bit system: msvcrt_x86.msi
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