hpc-performance Command Line Analysis

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier introduces the HPC Performance Characterization analysis based on applications that are compute-sensitive.

HPC Performance Characterization analysis helps identify opportunities to optimize CPU, memory, and FPU utilization for compute-intensive or throughput applications. The HPC Performance Characterization analysis type is a starting point for understanding the performance landscape of your application. Use this analysis type to improve application performance by increasing the number of floating-point operations per second (GFLOPS) and reducing the overall application run time. The analysis collects data related to CPU, memory, and FPU utilization. Additional scalability metrics are available for applications that use OpenMP or MPI runtime libraries.


$ amplxe-cl -collect hpc-performance [-knob <knobName=knobValue>] [--] <target>

Knobs: sampling-interval, enable-stack-collection, collect-memory-bandwidth, dram-bandwidth-limits, analyze-openmp, collect-affinity.


For the most current information on available knobs (configuration options) for the HPC Performance Characterization analysis, enter:

$ amplxe-cl -help collect hpc-performance


The following example runs the HPC Characterization analysis on a Linux* application with enabled memory bandwidth analysis:

$ amplxe-cl -collect hpc-performance -knob collect-memory-bandwidth=true home/test/myApplication

What's Next

When the data collection is complete, do one of the following to view the result:

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