tsx-exploration Command Line Analysis


This analysis is deprecated in the GUI and available from command line only.

TSX Exploration analysis type uses hardware event-based sampling collection and is targeted for the Intel® processors supporting Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel TSX). This analysis type collects events that help understand Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions behavior and causes of transactional aborts.


$ amplxe-cl -collect tsx-exploration [-knob <knobName=knobValue>] [--] <target>

Knobs: analysis-step, enable-user-tasks.


For the most current information on available knobs (configuration options) for the TSX Exploration analysis, enter:

$ amplxe-cl -help collect tsx-exploration


This example shows how to run the TSX Exploration analysis on a Linux* myApplication with enabled user tasks analysis:

$ amplxe-cl -collect tsx-exploration -knob enable-user-tasks=true -- /home/test/myApplication

What's Next

When the data collection is complete, do one of the following to view the result:

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