Set Up Project

Before running an analysis with the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, you have to create a project, which is a container for an analysis target and analysis type configuration and data collection results.

For Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE, the VTune Amplifier automatically creates a project for an active startup project, inherits Visual Studio settings and uses the application generated for the selected project as your analysis target. Default project directory is My Amplifier XE Results-[project name] in the solution directory.

For standalone graphical interface, you need to create a project by explicitly specifying its name and path to an analysis target. Default project directory is %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Amplifier XE\Projects on Windows* and $HOME/intel/amplxe/projects on Linux*.

To create a VTune Amplifier project for the standalone GUI:

  1. Open the Create a Project dialog box using any of the following options:

    • Click the menu button and select New > Project....

    • Click the New Project toolbar button.

    • Click the New Project... hyperlink in the Welcome page.

    For example, on Windows:

  2. In the Create a Project dialog box, configure the following settings:

    Use This

    To Do This

    Project Name field

    Enter the name of a new project.

    Location field and Browse button

    Choose or create a directory to contain the project.


    Store all your project directories in the same location.

    Create Project button

    Create a container *.amplxeproj file and open the Configure Analysis window.

  3. Click the Create Project button.

    The New Amplifier Result tab opens.

Your default project is pre-configured for the entry-level Hotspots analysis to profile an application of your choice on the local host system. You may either specify your app and click the Start button to proceed with the default setup or click the Browse button and choose a different system, target, and analysis configuration.


You cannot run a performance analysis or import analysis data without creating a project.

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