Window: Collection Log

The Collection Log window opens when you click the Start button and run the analysis.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier uses two types of data collectors: user-mode sampling and tracing collector and hardware event-based sampling collector. During data collection and finalization the VTune Amplifier provides status messages in the Collection Log window. If required, you can click the Clear Log button to delete the log.


You may enable detailed collection messages by using the Display verbose messages in the Collection Log window option, available from the Options… > Intel VTune Amplifier version > General pane.

If analysis completes successfully, the VTune Amplifier does the following:

  • Creates an analysis result and saves it in the project directory. The project directory is specified in the Configure Analysis window > WHAT pane available via the Configure Analysis toolbar button.

  • (for VTune Amplifier integrated into Visual Studio) Displays the analysis result in the Solution Explorer. The naming scheme of the analysis result is specified in the Tools > Options... > Intel VTune Amplifier version > Result Location pane.

  • Opens the result tab with the default viewpoint.

Application Output

If you configured the General pane options to display the application output in the product output window, the VTune Amplifier redirects the output to the Application Output pane.

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