Window: Compare Results

To access this window:

Click the Compare Results button on the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier toolbar.

You can compare two results that have common performance metrics. VTune Amplifier provides comparison data for these common metrics only.

Dialog Item


Result 1 / Result 2 drop-down menu

Specify the results you want to compare. Choose the result of the current project from the drop-down menu, or click the Browse button to choose a result from a different project.

Swap Results button

Click this button to change the order of the result files you want to compare. Result 1 always serves as the basis for comparison.

Compare button

Click this button to view the difference between the specified result files. This button is only active if the selected results can be compared. Otherwise, an error message is displayed.

When you click the Compare button, the VTune Amplifier opens a new result tab with the performance data for Result 1 and Result 2 side-by-side and their calculated delta.

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