Post-Installation Steps

The following sections detail the steps required to configure your Intel® VTune™ Amplifier installation.

The table below details the suggested reading paths based on your analysis needs:

Analyze performance on a remote Linux* system

Install the remote collectors and configure SSH access on a remote Linux system. If the remote collector installation fails to install the appropriate sampling drivers, the drivers can be installed manually.

  1. Configuring SSH Access for Remote Collection
  2. Preparing a Target Linux* System for Remote Analysis
  3. Build the Sampling Driver (optional)

Analyze performance on a remote Android* system

Configure the Android device for analysis and connect via ADB. If the appropriate sampling drivers are not available, the drivers can be installed manually. Compile the Android application for analysis. Specify the project search directories.

  1. Preparing a Target Android System for Remote Analysis
  2. Building and Installing the Sampling Driver for Android Targets (optional)
  3. Preparing an Android Application for Analysis
  4. Search Directories for Android

Analyze performance on a FreeBSD* system

Install VTune Amplifier collectors and drivers on a FreeBSD system. A FreeBSD license for Intel® System Studio is required. For more information, see Preparing a Target FreeBSD System for Remote Analysis.

Analyze performance on embedded Linux systems

Review the list of supported embedded Linux systems. Configure the embedded Linux environment for performance analysis. Begin with Preparing a Target Embedded Linux* System for Remote Analysis.

Monitor a virtual machine

Review the list of supported virtual machine managers and analysis type limitations. Configure the virtual machine for performance analysis. Begin with Using Intel VTune Amplifier with a Virtual Machine.

Analyze a target installed on the cloud

Review the list of supported cloud environments and learn how to configure the cloud target for remote analysis. For more information, see Using Intel VTune Amplifier in a Cloud Environment

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